Dj,Bellwether + Music Band - Price for a wedding party

  • Price:

9000 PLN

Options for the next day:

Dj,Bellwether+Music Band 4000 PLN

Dj,Bellwether+Singer and Saxophonist 1500 PLN

Dj,Bellwether 1000 PLN

  • Time of the wedding party:

During the wedding, the band usually works until 2 o'clock with the bellwether, not longer than 10 hours from the arrival of the Bride and Groom and guests to the wedding venue (if the arrival occurs earlier than at 4:00 PM, the band's performance will automatically end earlier). From 2:00 the party will be hosted by a DJ who will stay with you until 5:00 and will make sure that the dance floor is still full of people.

  • We offer:

Professional musicians, and above all people with passion for what they do. It is an unforgettable energy coming from live music and exceptional fun, with the greatest hits of all time together with a professional DJ.