Dj,Bellwether + Singer and Saxophonist - Price for a wedding party

  • Price

4500 PLN

Options for the next day:

Dj,Bellwether+Singer and Saxophonist 1500 PLN

Dj,Bellwether 1000 PLN

  • Time of the widding party:

During a wedding, the Trio usually works from 16:00 to 5:00. The repertoires are presented in alternate mode, several sets with the Vocalist and Saxophonist several sets in the original versions. The choice of sets is negotiable, it can be alternating, i.e. 30 minutes of DJ playing, break, 30 minutes with the Singer and Saxophonist, break etc.

  • We offer:

Professional musicians, and above all people with passion for what they do. It is an unforgettable energy flowing from the substitute of live music and exceptional fun, with the greatest hits of all time and a professional DJ.