Outdoor events - Lower Silesia

Our offer also includes the setting of outdoor events. We have our own party tents and a power generator that will allow you to lead your event in a place that is hard to reach by the media. If necessary, we will help organize: stages, fences, tables, benches and additional tents. For price please contact us.

In which region do we operate? 

We do not like to limit ourselves, we come to you even the other end of Poland. In general we operate in Lower Silesia due to the greatest interest, we mostly provide services in Wroclaw, Jelenia Góra, Złotoryja, Karpacz and other Lower Silesian towns.

How many places are in the tent? 

The tent will accommodate:

  • 36 standing places,
  • 26 seats in a row (like in a theater),
  • 3 beer sets (table and two benches)

Is the generator set noisy? 

We have an inverter aggregate. The automatically regulated operation of the drive makes it extremely quiet, and the noise it generates can be compared to a running vacuum cleaner.