Conferencier - Jelenia Góra, Wrocław

Master of ceremonies - it's worth having him at your party.

Mateusz Skoneczny is our master of ceremonies - he emits a positive humor, often judged as a "radio host" due to voice and diction. He easily makes contact with guests. He leads the event, above all he always says that he loves what he does and puts his 100% into it. He likes to stick to the established pattern and he know get out of the unforeseen situation. Among the recipients always seen as very positive and devoted to what a person does.

How old is the master of ceremonies? 

Depending on the beard, sometimes they will give him more, and sometimes less. In fact, he is 28 years old :)

In which region do we operate? 

We do not like to limit ourselves, we come to you even the other end of Poland. In general we operate in Lower Silesia due to the greatest interest, we mostly provide services in Wroclaw, Jelenia Góra, Złotoryja, Karpacz and other Lower Silesian towns.