The Partners offer

We like both acoustic and original sounds. We offer you the opportunity to hear everything you want in the version you want.

  • Dj, Bellwether + Ewenement Music Band (6 people) - It's a real firecracker and explosive mix, few of those planning to sit out at a table can succeed. The combination of live music and original sounds is a solution for those who would like music in two versions. The division of the band's and DJ's playing hours are agreed with the client.
  • Our Trio: Dj, Bellwether + Vocalist and Saxophonist - This is a great combination giving the opportunity for those who have a smaller budget, but would not want to give up Live Music and original songs.
  • Dj, Bellwether - This offer is addressed to supporters of only original sounds.

Additional options :

  • Illuminated inscription "love" - ​​Looks great inside an organized event and outside.
  • Photo booth - Provides amazing experiences and fantastic souvenirs with colorful gadgets provided.
  • Heavy smoke, i.e. the so-called "Dance in the Clouds" - Especially works at weddings to be able to highlight the first dance of the bride and groom. It creates a beautiful effect that will be immortalized in the pictures.
  • Wedding trifles - Girls from wedding accessories.
    They will color your ceremony and give it extraordinary decorations. The offer of wedding trinkets includes wedding stationery, guest books, boxes for envelopes, boards, wooden accessories, guest gifts and much more.
  • We also own - party tents and our own electricity (power generator).

If you have an idea how we could make a musical setting for your event, please contact us we will definitely prepare an offer for you.

We encourage you to choose the package option. If you would like to make changes to the package, please contact us and we will certainly adapt it to your needs.