Mateusz Skoneczny 
Music presenter, DJ, Bellwether

For many years I have been working in the music industry and I know that to be able to get one of the aforementioned titles you really need to be good at your profession. In my case, 100% of the engagement in each event, the ability to integrate playing guests and above all the great love for what I do was sensationally. Every smiling face is a great reward for me as well as a mega motivation to be better.

Music service
What makes us stand out?

  • Music service in two languages: POL / ENG
  • The professionalism we put in the first place
  • 100% engagement in every event to be realized
  • Rich Offer

The Partners - music service

Regardless of what kind of event we have to conduct, live music or original unmodified songs, we realize how important part of the party evening is the music setting. The rules we follow such as: professionalism, commitment, stage activity, integration with recipients allow us to satisfy the organizers of the event and current guests, gain trust among people and gain positive feedback. The music we offer is like a journey around the world, you decide which genre of music is to be present. We like both acoustic and original sounds. We offer you the opportunity to hear everything you want in the version you want. There is really something to choose from, starting from the 1950s and 1960s, which will make everyone dance. The 70s and 80s was a flourishing of Disco music as well as times in which great hits, both Polish and foreign, were created. The 90s is a mine of good summer easily catchy hits, not to mention the dominant hits of Disco Polo music. Along with such great hits, you will be accompanied by an experienced music prezenter / Dj who, using proven methods, will take care of the dynamics of the event and the atmosphere, and great integration games will diversify your event. We are full of positive energy and we are full of good humor and high personal culture.